Man Opens Used Car Business in Self Storage Facilty

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Man Opens Used Car Business in Self Storage Facilty

Self storage units have been used to house everything from bodies to drug operations but one man in Mattapoisett, MA is putting a positive spin on the ‘strange self storage’ findings narrative. Eric Desrosiers will operate a Eric’s Pre-Owned Vehicles out of a self storage unit located at the Mattapoisett Self Storage facility and he is already getting more than a few questions from his landlord.

Vera Gibbons, Desrosiers landlord, had concerns on how paperwork would be conducted out of her tenants home. She is trying to get Selectman to impose restrictions on the type of business that can be conducted in the private area where she owns homes and property.

“I’m interested as to where the paperwork is going to be done,” Gibbons told the Sippican Village Soup. “He lives on Captain's Lane which is a private road. We would not like to have transactions going on in his house or in his driveway.”

He could be driving down and meeting somebody to sign papers, and there’s eight houses there,” Gibbons said. “I want Mr. Desrosiers to stand on notice that if we see cars on Captain’s Lane that do not belong there, his living there could be jeopardized.”

Gibbons also questioned whether or not business could be conducted on site at the self storage facility.

“Brownell [Mattapoisett Self Storage] did not imply that a transaction could not occur there,” said Selectmen Chair Jordan Collyer. “You can sell a car just about anywhere.”

Desrosiers will not actually display or sell any cars at the self storage locations – all transactions will take place online. There are two other Internet-based car dealerships similar to Desrosiers model, but none of them operate out of a self storage facility.

Police Chief Mary Lyons also expressed her own concerns, which were centred around the hours of operation of the used car dealership. Desrosiers and Mattaposisett have an agreement that business will be done during the regular hours of the self storage facility – Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Selectment also implemented further stipulations when Desrosiers application was approved.

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