New Self Storage Property Proposal Meets Controversy

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New Self Storage Property Proposal Meets Controversy

The proposal to build a 97,000 square-foot self storage facility in Lakeway, Texas has been met with both support and opposition from local residents. The facility, which would hold 519 units across 10 acres of the township, is causing heated debate with regards to zoning. The Lakeway Texas Zoning and Planning commission has even stepped in to recommend an amendment that would delay the construction of the facility. Storage One Self Storage is the facility behind the venture and it is working hard to ensure that the project comes to fruition.

So, what exactly is the entire ruckus about? Well, for one, residents are concerned that construction of a large commercial property would interrupt the small, tight knit nature of the community. On April 2, both residents in support of the plan and those who are staunchly opposed to it gathered at the Violet Township Board of Trustees to give their side of the story. Residents were concerned that the facility would bring light pollution, noise and extra traffic to the area and add little value to the community as a whole.

However, there were those who did see it as a valuable contribution to the suburban community. The facility would be a mix of retail space, offices, and banks in addition to self storage. Jeffrey Vandervoot, the lawyer for Storage One Self Storage, stated that the facility would have minimal impact on the surrounding properties.

In the township meeting, residents voiced just about every concern from their autistic children who would be affected by the traffic to simply not wanting to live near a self storage facility. While Storage One Self Storage attempted to give those in attendance the facts about the new venture, participants of the rezoning hearing were still unable to make a decision and will have up to 20 days to do so. The City Council will discuss the matter again on April 21.

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