Top Six Professions That Need Self Storage

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Top Six Professions That Need Self Storage

Many people tend to think of self storage only when they are in the process of moving or find themselves with a few extra items. However, there is a multitude of ways to use self storage and lots of people in various industries use it on a regular basis. Here are the top six people who use self storage to make things easier in their day-to-day lives:

• Pharmaceutical reps – Since this job entails a lot of traveling and taking items back and forth, pharmaceutical reps are some of the biggest consumers of self storage. These reps need a safe and secure place to store samples and self storage provides the best solution for this. Whenever pharmaceutical reps have to travel to different cities or states, having a self storage unit can help to take the hassle out of constantly lugging around large amounts of sample medication. A rep can easily store his items and just pull them from self storage as needed.

Interior decorators – A self storage unit is the perfect blank canvas for interior decorators. They can use a unit to arrange items and show customers exactly what they will be able to do. Interior decorators sometimes us self storage to design multiple rooms and then take pictures for a portfolio or showcase them to potential clients. In addition to using it as a viewing space, they can use it to store items needed throughout the interior decorating process.

Online sellers – Shopping online is increasingly popular and more and more persons are making a living selling items on sites such as eBay or Amazon. For people who sell dozens or even hundreds of items online, a place to store them is a necessity. A self storage unit provides a way to organize these items and take inventory. Online sellers value the convenience of having merchandise in one central location where it is easily accessible at all times.

• Antique furniture sellers – People in the antique business who do not have a store for themselves often look to self storage to fill the gap. Self storage facilities with enhanced security ensure that these valuable items are protected. Some facilities also offer 24-hour access to items which adds to the convenience. These sellers are able to access the furniture anytime they please so they are able to show it to potential buyers.

• Auction participants – Shows such as Auction Hunters and Storage Wars have led to an increase in self storage auctions. People who participate in these auctions and buy units find that they will soon need self storage to store the items they won.

Self storage , can be used for a wide range of purposes. People have been known to hold band practice or even exercise in storage units. Once you rent a self storage unit, the possibilities for use are endless. Just ensure that you are not storing any restricted items such as perishables or animals. Always check with the self storage facility before entering into a rental agreement to find out what may or may not be stored. No matter what your storage needs are, you can find a self storage unit with OMGStorage.

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