Moving Your Office? Here’s How!

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Moving Your Office? Here’s How!

Moving your office can pose quite a challenge. Maybe you’re moving from a home office to an office space, or you’re getting a bigger and better space or downsizing. Either way, you should be prepared when it comes to moving:

Preparation is Key

Prepping your office is one of the biggest challenges you have. There are files and documents that need to be packed and some need shredding.

If you have a large company, there are a number of things that must take place:

  • A meeting of all supervisors should be held to explain when and where the company is moving and the expectations of each supervisor.
  • Each supervisor should have a master manual in which to handle their department.
  • Supervisors should be in charge of their departments and serve as the point person for their staff, distributing boxes, etc.
  • Employees should be briefed in a short meeting by the supervisor of the move and their expectations.
  • Each employee should be provided an office moving manual and boxes in which to pack their items and items they are responsible for.

Maintenance should come by to label all desks and office furniture. If they are lockable, do so. Make sure any employee personal belongings boxes are moved by that employee separately than the other items.

There are many sensitive documents that will have to be moved. There should be a sign-off list for the employee, the supervisor and the mover.

Any equipment or furniture that will stay behind should be clearly marked or tagged by the supervisor for the movers.

Any documents that need to be shredded should be placed in one area for the shredder to come pick up.  

Your master checklist should look something like this:

  • Furniture cleared and labeled?
  • Everything removed from walls?
  • Electronics disconnected and labeled?
  • Lights and restrooms working at the new facility?
  • New stationery created?

This will alleviate a lot of confusion and make the transition easier for everyone to quickly get back to work. For smaller companies, the same applies but not so formally. Everyone should be responsible for their files and belongings with the exception of the heavy furniture, files and equipment. Smaller companies usually don’t have the time to make it a big production, so there is an urgency to get packed, get moved, and get to work.

There are items that may be moved to an off-site storage facility. These should all be clearly labeled and ready to organize so that things will be accessible and easy to find. Make sure you employ a moving company that is familiar with moving offices, and pay extra to get all your items fully covered in the case of damage. Your movers should provide a visual quote for moving from one location to the other and be able to explain their entire process of loading and unloading to protect your property. Find out what equipment they need. Whatever insurance options are available to you, get the maximum. Make sure all your paperwork is in order and get ready for the big move!

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