Too Many Shoes?

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Too Many Shoes?

If you are like most women, you have lots of shoes. I know I do. My husband occasionally makes remarks about them in our shared closet. He, like most men have considerably less pairs of shoes than their wives.

But my measly stock of shoes is nothing compared to that of Celine Dion. Her shoe collection stashed in her Florida home rivals that of Imelda Marcos, former First Lady of Philippines at 3000 pairs. Remember Mrs. Marcos? Her and her dictator husband fled the Philippines in 1986, leaving over 1200 pairs of her beloved shoes behind.

3000 pairs of shoes! Yep, that’s the number Celine revealed to Ellen DeGeneres, that she has in her closet in her luxurious 71 Million dollar home in Florida. Of course, if you are Celine, then you can just have a super large closet built to properly house your stilettos and sling backs.

But if you are like the average women, we take over our husband’s space, stash shoe boxes under the bed or in other rooms, sometimes creating battles for closet space. Or worse, shoe battles. Ever hear your innocent husband ask while out shopping, “Honey, why do you need another pair of black heels, you already have 6’?”

Skip the shoe and closet battles. Everyone can have ample storage space for their shoes or other belonging for that matter, without the construction costs or breaking the bank! Rent a self storage unit, like a 5 x 5 unit to house your collection or if you are a Celine Dion wanna be, a larger unit might be more in line.

Seriously, if you reside in an area that has all four seasons or drastic climate changes it might make sense to store your off-season clothing, outer ware and shoes in a self storage unit. Self storage units are usually reasonably priced and often located close to residential areas. Also many offer extended hours of accessibility. Looking to house your shoe collection or other wardrobe items, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure to store clothing items correctly. Fold sweater & pants.
  • Hang dresses, suits and jackets using a portable hanging rack.
  • Store shoes in shoe boxes and label with shoe description or tape a picture of shoe to box.
  • High Humidity, use Damp Rid. It will help keep humidity down in your unit.
  • Use moth balls to prevent damage by mold and to repeal rodents.
  • Use a climate controlled unit if storing expensive items.

To find the perfect storage unit, search where you can compare prices and features all in one place in real time. You can even book the unit that can store your growing shoe collection.

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