Cheap Portable Storage Units

Portable Storage

Portable storage options are becoming a popular option for movers and individuals who need the convenience of having their items stored wherever they need. What is portable storage? Portable storage is a self-storage unit that is delivered to your home or business, can be loaded by you, your staff or a moving company, and either stays in that location until you specify otherwise, or is transported to a self-storage facility for housing.

Some of the reasons for portable storage include:

  • Moving furniture to accommodate the placement of new floors.

  • Temporary storage while your home is being remodeled or painted.

  • Temporary storage while a party is taking place.

  • You want to move your things into your own space on your own time prior to having them shipped to a facility.

  • Housing inventory for a huge event on-site.

  • Housing inventory or equipment on a temporary basis.

  • It’s quick, safe and convenient.

Our portable storage units work just like our self-storage facilities. You rent your unit on a month-to-month basis. We will provide delivery and removal when you need it. This is a great option for families who are moving overseas or who don’t know their exact move date and still want to have their items on hand just in case they need something. It’s also very convenient for colleges or hospitals who have job fairs or events where their inventory needs to be outside and easily accessible.

Our self-storage locator can locate and arrange to have a unit delivered to you in no time at all! Anywhere in the United States, we can service and accommodate your needs with the click of a button. With over 6,000 facilities and thousands of units, you’ll be pleased you chose to help. We work hard at providing what you need so you don’t have to.